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August 31, 2017 4pm - 11pm


Hurricane Harvey has taken an unfortuneate toll on not only our incredible state, but the amazing people who live in it. Our Beach Blowout is now going to be our Beach BENEFIT party- with cash and items both being donated to the Red Cross foundation to help those in Rock Port, Port A, Corpus, Houston, and everyone else who are desperately in need of our help. 50% of the net proceeds from cable passes sold at the event will be donated to the Red Cross, along with 10% of the proceeds from the bar, and we will have donation bins set up on site! Bring 5 donation items and you get a $5 all-day cable pass!

Items most needed (but not limited to): baby food, diapers, toilet supplies, water, non-perishable foods, new clothing, and hygiene care.


Grab your friends and join Copper Chief while TSR wraps up our summer season and our Texas Open Thursday night...


We are very excited to introduce a new style of fitness to the TSR complex in the form of Stand Up Paddle Yoga!! Trenton Kowalczuk has agreed to partner with Texas Ski Ranch to help instruct our courses and provide a unique instruction style within a one-of-a-kind environment and we could not be more excited to share this experience with you.

Whether you are brand new to yoga, SUP yoga, or are well experienced with any type of yoga, you're guaranteed to enjoy our classes. With a focus on both strengthening and stretching muscles, it's not only relaxing but a great, healthy way to improve your physical and mental being.

We have a few different price options:

  • $25/class including your SUP board rental
  • $15/class if you bring your own SUP board
  • $80 when you register for 4 classes at once!

Sign up is in-house at TSR, so be sure to stop by and sign up as spots are limited! We are excited to see you out here!


Points Chase- a chance for any wakeboarder of any skill level to get out there and show off, push themselves and learn new things- including what it's like in the competitive world of wakeboarding!

The points chase series started here at TSR as Thursday Night Showdowns, and has turned into a national level competition series that runs at cable parks across the country. Once a week, parks host their own series of tournaments that last from 4 to 7 weeks, during which riders have the opportunity to qualify for the national finals at the end of the summer, hosted by the WWA, and this year at BSR Cable Park in Waco, TX!

This year, with nationals to be held in our home state, we encourage riders of ALL skill levels now more than ever to get out and compete. Remember- there is a division for EVERYONE! Even if you just started wakeboarding, we want to see you get out there and try new things! And if you don't wakeboard at all and want to simply enjoy a margarita on the beach, there will be plenty of fun to keep you entertained, as we even have a PRO division full of...


A whole week of nothing but wakeboarding with the King of Cable himself. That's right, we are lucky enough to work with Tom Fooshee for TWO different weeks of summer camp this year! Whether you are already an avid wakeboarder who is looking to become the best of the best, or if you're someone who has never done much of it before but want to learn all the tricks of the trade, one of these weeks of camp are for you.

This group of overnight campers will be limited to only 12 per session, which means only 24 lucky participants total! Skill level does not matter, all that matters is you are excited to wakeboard both behind the boat and on the cable, and that you want to live and breathe wakeboarding for a full week!

Grab a spot while you can because they are filling up fast. You can register online at camptsr.org or shoot an email to camp@texasskiranch.com. You are also encouraged to give us a call at (830) 627-2843 with any additional questions.

Tom has called TSR his home cable park for many years now and we are so lucky to have such a positive representation of...