2017 Liquid Force FREE FOR ALL!

It's by far one of our favorite events, and that's because it's FREE for all!! Liquid Force is coming back and bringing all of their new boards and bindings for you to demo out here at TSR! Not to mention, two of our favorite pro riders- Bob Soven and Tom Fooshee will be here shredding as well, so come grab a set with the pros!

This year we are adding a special component that is NEW for 2017- a TWO day demo session so that we can include some boat demos in the mix! We will be holding a boat demo day that Saturday, April 22nd, the day BEFORE our usual cable demo. Spots will be determined on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to get here early enough to sign up for a spot! Sign ups will be available that day at the rental and front desk counters.

Sunday April 23rd will be our "traditional" Free for All event- which means cable passes are FREE all day, and you are welcome to try any of the LF gear that is here for demo. The new LF gear is truly at the top of it's market, with the new flex-track and 4D binding technologies, it's definitely what you'll want to try out. Come out and enjoy a free day of wakeboarding with the best gear in the industry!

For more information on Free for All, click here.

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