Cable for a Cause

#Cable4aCause- have you heard of it? We want to make sure everyone knows about this inspirational movement, spurred by Above the Wake- a group that works to bring the joys of water sports into the autism community. April 29th is a day where cable parks and people involved in the water/action sports community will come together to help raise awareness about autism and promote the enjoyment that wakeboarding and other water sports can bring, and we hope you can be part of it!

Cable For A Cause is about creating opportunities for individuals battling autism to participate in paddle boarding, kneeboarding and wakeboarding in a controlled environment. Here at TSR we will be offering discounted cable specials throughout the day and providing extra coaching. Enjoy our Early Bird Special pricing throughout the whole day- $25 for a full two hours INCLUDING your rentals! Come support an incredible cause and help us raise awareness! Also- 20% of the proceeds made from the day will be donated to Above the Wake in support of their cause!!