CABLESTOCK is Back! 2017 Battle of the Boards

That's right! Cablestock is back at TSR, but with a whole new level of new and exciting! Imagine everything you might already know about cablestock, and then take your imagination to an even bigger and badder event. We have 3 1/2 FULL days of excitement planned out and could not be more stoked to have everyone out here for the 16th year in a row.

So what, exactly, is new this year?

For the first time ever, we are not only having our pro level riding out here to throw down both on the cable and behind the boat, but we are introducing the event to entries from COLLEGE teams around the entire nation. This will be the national level finals event for all college cable teams, and the final regional qualifier for all college boat teams. Come out and cheer on not only some incredibly talented new, up-and-coming riders, but cheer on the entire TEAM from the school you hold closest to your heart!


In addition to bringing the college wake scene to TSR, we are also pulling some extra strings in the music scene & both bringing back old artists and introducing some new ones. Friday night we'll be mixing things up a bit with a Texas Country Night, featuring Sam Riggs and other local talent! Tickets available here- get them before they're gone!

The infamous Collin Gee will be performing with his full band on Saturday, May 20th after our NEW and improved show of "TSR's Got Talent"- college edition! Anyone who has been a college level student in the year of 2017 is encouraged to enter- by yourself, with a partner, or with a crew of up to 6 people total- and give the crowd something to cheer about. Whether it's a stomp routine, dance battle, beatbox throwdown, or anything else you can think of- if it will get the crowd PUMPED, we want to see what you have to offer! All of this excitement followed by a DJ (TBA) while we open up the cable for anyone who might want to night-ride!

These two nights will be kicked off with an open mic night during our casino night on Thursday, the 18th. If you're interested in being part of the open mic line-up, please email

All of this talent, along with some extra fun for everyone will be part of this year's Cablestock. Please stay tuned with this page for more details on the event as they come, and be sure to follow us @texasskiranch on Instagram and Facebook as well!


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