Fall is Here!

Happy November! October has come and gone, as well as our annual Fall Fest! We want to give a shout-out to everybody who came out and shared some great times with us! We also want to thank all the vendors who came out and participated in the event. Thanks to everyone we had a lot of Happy Halloween’ers!

We are continuing to transition from Summer to Fall, and to really take our final step into Autumn, we are opening the SnowHill! That’s right, November 18th we are opening the SnowHill for general admission! You are of course, as always, welcome to book lessons and parties in advance. In anticipation of the opening, we expect that many may want to bring their own gear, so we have our Tune Up pricing updated on our pricing page, under resources.

We also have a lot of great events in the near future that are in the works, so be sure that you are staying up to date by following our Social Media outlets!