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Grom Park Grand Opening!

The TSR family is very excited to introduce our brand new mini park for mini shredders- the TSR Grom Park! This is the perfect opportunity for kids ages 2-8 to learn how to “stand sideways” on any board with the help of our awesome coaches, and without the worries of being run over by the “big kids”. The Grom Park provides specialized equipment and a unique environment that will leave our little shredders not only having the time of their life, but they will gain a sense of sincere accomplishment. The teaching styles all stem from fun challenges and games, so they learn the skills and balance they need while having fun. Between wake (coming soon!), skate, and snow, the opportunities are endless for these kids to get steezy! (to ride with style and ease)

Along with the opportunity for the kids to work one on one with our skilled coaches, the Grom Park provides many different types of learning experiences to help provide what best suits your needs! From clinics (one 2-hour session and the best bang for your buck), to classes (5 week long course and the longest amount of time to gain trust with their coach), private lessons (1-hour private session and the most one-on-one time with a coach), and birthday parties, The Grom Park has it all. All classes, lessons, birthday parties and clinics are by appointment only in the Grom Park. Check our website for hours of operation and times and dates of availability before you plan your visit to the Grom Park.

Snowboarding: Burton Snowboard Company created the Riglet Reel tow cable and spooner boards to teach kids balance and pull them around on a board creating a simple and easy avenue of learning! Adding in a few mellow snow features like rollers and turns, kids are discovering the sensation of riding on their own.

Wakeboarding: TSR is building a wake lake just for Groms! There will be a manually powered boom in the Grom Lake that will teach kids how to get up on a board with less effort and a coach right by their side. Right now the same techniques used in all board sports apply to wake boarding as well. So as your child learns the fundamentals, it will apply to all board sports, even surfing!

Skateboarding: The Grom Skate Park is designed with mellow slopes to teach kids how to balance, kick and push on features designed for their size and skill level, without the crowds of a skatepark. There will be no threat of “big kids” running them over, and a coach by their side to help them find their balance on top of the board and teach them basic skating skills. We have adopted Skatestart’s patented design on top of the skateboard to teach kids proper foot placement.

For pricing and more information and to book a time at Grom Park, click HERE or call 830-627-2843

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