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Midnight River Choir at TSR

One of our favorite local bands, Midnight River Choir, made a trip out to TSR to try their hands at a little wakeboarding this past Monday. We were seriously impressed. Not only were the guys super down to earth, fun to be around, able to get up without loads of coaching... but they even stuck around for a drink or two at Wahoo's bar!

We seriously couldn't be more excited that they are headlining Cablestock Friday night. We love Texas Country and are honored they've agreed to join in on our biggest beach party of the year! They are from New Braunfels, their music rocks and it doesn't hurt that they are one good looking group of musicians. If you haven't yet check out their music, watch their latest video below and browse through the sick action shots we captured of their day on the lake!

Check out for more information on Cablestock and how to catch Midnight River Choir LIVE on the beach at TSR!

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