RKPO Fall Registration Now Open!

Fall Registration is NOW OPEN!

TSR’s AWESOME After School Program runs Monday through Friday of each week, and is open to students in 1st through 6th grade.

The RKPO Crew at TSR are excited to kick off our fifth semester of Central Texas' coolest after school program! Here at TSR we are passionate about getting kids outdoors and active and we love action sports. The mission of RKPO is to introduce kids to new outdoor activities in a fun and safe environment. Through outdoor recreation we bring in engaging group initiatives and problem solving activities that aide in improving social communication, group dynamics, team building and more. We encourage kids to explore and try new things. Plus everything we do is just plain fun!

What to look forward to this Fall:

Rock Climbing, Skateboarding, Kayaking, Swimming, Mountain Biking, Wakeboarding, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Snowboarding, Tubing and more!

There will be no RKPO on school holidays, we will pick-up early on early release days. We follow the ComaI ISD School Calendar.

Semester Fees

Semester Fee (15 Weeks)

One Day a Week: $225

Two Days a Week: $420

Three Days a Week: $585

Four Days a Week: $720

Five Days a Week: $825

*pro-rated rates available for late starters

Shuttle Semester Fees:

Once a Week $53

Twice a Week $65

Three Times a Week: $76

Four Times a Week $88

Five Times a Week $100

*** Payment plans available upon request.

How do I get a shuttle to my school?

We are still finalizing the Fall shuttle schedule. It will be based on total enrollment. To add a shuttle to your child’s school, we must have at least three children registered for the same day from your school.

Sign up today online or in person. Limited space available.

Have any questions or concerns? Contact Eric or Jessica at TSR 830.627.2843 or email catie@texasskiranch.com .