Summer and Daily Specials

Summer is in full swing and so are our seasonal specials! Starting the FIRST WEEK OF JUNE, both our Early Bird and Sundown special will be back in action all the way until Labor Day! Our Early Bird special will be every Monday-Thursday from 9am-12pm for ONLY $25. This includes a cable pass AND basic equipment!!

Our Sundown special will be every Monday-Saturday (excluding days of events at TSR), from 6pm-10pm. This special includes a 4-hour cable pass for only $25, (rentals NOT included).

HEY LADIES! Every Monday from 6pm-Close GIRLS RIDE FREE! (Rentals not included). This is the perfect opportunity to learn and improve with the support of fellow babe-shredders, so get out here!

We also have another special you won’t want to pass up, our Learn-to-Ride Special! Come out and ride anytime from 9am-12pm, get all of your rental equipment, and add an extra coach on the dock for only $35! PLUS the cable will run slower for the first two hours (9am-11am) to help you master those dock starts and turns! This is offered every Saturday morning during the summer, so don't miss out!

We also have new updated summer hours, click here and check out the current hours of operation for every department here at TSR!