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TSR Grom Park

TSR is excited to announce that we finally have an area just for kids ages three to six. No more watching big brothers, sisters and cousins have all the fun, because tiny tots can now get in on the action!

The Grom Park at TSR is designed to teach kids ages 3 – 6 how to snowboard and skateboard. Wakeboarding is coming soon! We have mirrored the Riglet program created by Burton Snowboard Company for resorts around the country, and couldn’t be more excited with this awesome new project.

The environment created by the Grom Park is safe, it’s fun and it works. Coaches, resorts, and families are finding all kinds of success getting kids on snowboards as soon as they can maintain a little balance, and we are amongst the first to add wake boarding and skateboarding to the mix. Teaching is in the form of challenges and games, so kids learn to ride while having loads of fun.

Snowboarding: Burton Snowboard Company created the Riglet Reel tow cable and spooner boards to teach kids balance and pull them around on a board without them having to do much work at all! Adding in a few mellow snow features like rollers and turns, kids are discovering the sensation of riding on their own.

Wakeboarding: TSR is building a wake tank just for tots! There will be a manually powered boom in the Grom Lake that will teach kids how to get up on a board with less effort and a coach right by their side.

Skateboarding: The Grom Skate Park is designed with mellow slopes to teach kids how to balance, kick and push without the crowds of a skatepark, and on features designed for their size and skill level. There will be no threat of “big kids” running them over, and a coach by their side to help them find their balance on top of the board and teach them basic skating skills.

Most importantly, the Grom Park will revolutionize our approach to teaching kids to shred. Kids are able to attain their goals while having fun, leaving the Grom Park feeling like they have accomplished something rather than just participating. The TSR Grom Park will provide basic snowboard, wakeboard and skateboarding training, very close supervision, education, entertainment and customer service by offering the following services:

Snowboard, Skate and Wake Private Lessons

Weekend Clinics

6-Week Classes (Kids can attend 5 out of 6 classes, once a week for six weeks in a row)

Birthday Parties

Special Events

Stay tuned for more information!

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