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Online Waiver Instructions

All participants at the Texas Ski Ranch are required to have a liability waiver on file. Any participant under the age of 18 must have your parent or legal guardian sign a waiver. If the parent is unable to sign a waiver at TSR, they may click the link below to fill out and sign the TSR online waiver. If parent is unable to fill out the online waiver they must send a signed and notarized waiver with their child in order for the child to participate.

All participants must also watch our new safety video to complete the waiver.

Simply click the Black tab below or for older browsers,


Spring Loaded has a separate waiver, please visit SpringLoadedParks.com for their waiver. (also available online)

Important Reminders

  • You will need a waiver on file if you participate in wakeboarding, skateboarding, water skiing, wake surfing, stand up paddle boarding, snowboarding & tubing.
  • All Waivers not signed in front of a TSR employee must be completed online.
  • Only your parent or legal guardian (Must have legal paperwork for guardians) may sign for minors.
  • Spring loaded uses a different waiver and can be found at: SpringLoadedParks.com

TSR Safety Video

p: 830.627.2843

f: 830.626.3742

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