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TSR is in danger... and we need your help.. We're starting to see them everywhere. Multiplying in the dark. Emerging up from out of the water, dragging across the sidewalks, sliding up onto the glass doors, trying to claw their way inside… Every night, as soon as the sun goes down, anyone left here is entirely outnumbered by these terrifying creatures. We need you to help us fight them. Please. The zombies are coming. They’re coming for us...


Sign up to help us rid TSR of these undead creatures! Hop on this haunting hay ride around the property, armed with your own Zombie Repelling Paintball Gun, and fire away at anything zombie related you see! Hunts will occur every Friday and Saturday night through the month of OCTOBER, starting at 7:30 each night, but you MUST RESERVE YOUR SPOT! Hop on our task force and get ready for the ride of your life- we're counting on you!

For more information and updates on the event, visit the Event Website.

To keep track of video updates and Zombie sightings, join the Facebook event.

Zombie Hunt FAQ

1. What exactly are zombie hunts?

Our zombie hunts will take place in the form of a "Haunted Hay Ride" around our property. We have targets- including real zombies!- that riders will need to help us shoot to eliminate our zombie problem here at TSR. Each hunter will be sat behind a mounted paintball gun they will use through the hunt.

2. Can riders shoot each other?

No. Our guns will have a limited range of motion that only allows zombie-shooting.

3. How old do I have to be?

Children under the age of 6 will not be allowed to join our task force. Any child under the age of 13 (12 and under) will need to have an adult over the age of 21 accompany them on the adventure.

4. How long is the ride?

30 minutes of mayhem!

5. Is it scary?

Come see for yourself ;)

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