Hurricane Harvey- What you can do to help


Devastation has blown- literally- across our entire beloved state, and we are in nothing but shock. A few of you have seen and/or asked about the damage that our Wahoo's bar has suffered- rest assured it is nothing we can't turn around and make even better than it was before! And the great news is, our restaurant and bar will both be up and running as of tomorrow, the bar has just migrated slightly to downstairs & outside! At the end of the day, we were very fortunate. Not only could the damage have been so much worse, but we are very blessed to only have property suffer, rather than the family members that make TSR what it is. Thank you to everyone for your kind words of encouragement and your prayers- they are more than appreciated.

Hurricane Harvey has taken an unfortuneate toll on not only our incredible state, but the amazing people who live in it. Our TSR family lives for the community we are so blessed to be part of, and have come to the conclusion that our once "Beach Blowout" is going to become our Beach BENEFIT party- with cash and items both being donated to the Red Cross foundation to help those in Rock Port, Port A, Corpus, Houston, and everyone else who are desperately in need of help and support. During the event on Thursday, 8/31 50% of the net proceeds from the event cable passes will be donated to the Red Cross, along with 10% of the bar's proceeds, and we will have donation bins set up on site! Bring 5 donation items and you get a $5 all-day cable pass!

Texas Ski Ranch will continue to act as a donation station for the American Red Cross throughout the following weeks, and will continue to collect donations and donate a percentage of the proceeds made on our cable passes to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. If you feel inclined to donate physical goods, the items most needed (but not limited to): baby food, diapers, toilet supplies, water, non-perishable foods, new clothing, and hygiene care.

Collect your friends and bring them out for a day on the cable. Help us spread the word that those cable passes are helping communities throughout the state get back on their feet. Share the love of wakeboarding and know that it is sharing love far beyond our backyard.

We are Texas. We are strong. And in our strength, in one another, we can find hope, joy, and a love for one another unparalleled. We know that you, reading this, probably know at least one friend or family member directly affected by this monumental disaster. Our prayers, thoughts, and support go out to all those affected by this event, and we hope you all know that we stand with you, always. TSR is a family unlike any other, and we want nothing more than to share the love with all of the families around us. We are TSR. It's a way of life- help us show the world that this way of life is well worth living.