Wakeboarding, Wakeskating, Kneeboarding, Waterskiing, or Wakesurfing

Boat lessons are great for learning how to wakeboard, wake surf, wake skate, waterski or kneeboard. At TSR we have our own private boat lake that creates the safest, most relaxing, controlled environment to learn. On our private lake you will never have to worry about other boat traffic, or choppy water from other wakes, no matter what day of the week it may be or time of year!

Our private boat lessons are designed to teach the fundamentals and improve your skills from there. We will break down your riding form and correct any bad habits you may have. You will then have the knowledge and confidence to try anything! If you are more advanced rider we will partner you with a coach that can teach specific tricks you are looking to learn.

For boat lessons you pay by the hour, not by the number of riders looking to learn. We recommend at least 30 minutes per rider for the best learning experience.

One Hour Boat Lesson $139

  • Additional hour $129

To book lessons longer than one hour or to book a Boat Party with more than 4 people, call us at 830-627-2843- we would be happy to help you!

Boat lessons include:

  • Private boat lake
  • Professional coach
  • Driver
  • All equipment (helmet, life vest, board)
  • Riders can choose to wakeboard, wake skate, kneeboard, wake surf or waterski.